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Welcome to the colourful, engaging and empowering world of Scribble & Grin™. These award-winning children's books, through the memorable magic of rhyme provide parents, teachers, librarians and caregivers with valuable resources of timeless materials. Proudly published by inspirtainment ink™, an award-winning Indie Publishing company founded by Mary Giuffre and Paul L. Clark.

Supporting both RESILIENCY and SELF-REGULATION, our books in the Scribble & Grin Collection: [also see: Harvard University, Center on the Developing Child 'Resilience'']

~ Encourages | creative thinking | positive attitudes toward self and others | belief in personal strengths and abilities | flexibility, empathy, listening and problem-solving skills | positive interpersonal relationships, social skills, self-image and self-worth

~ Promotes | a positive sense of emotional and spiritual well-being | self-confidence and optimism | the importance of culture, equity, social justice, and personal dignity | caring and respect for self and others | a sense of humour

~ Provides Braille Versions | text is accompanied by colourfully described illustrations | reader enjoys the full picture as presented in the hardcover books | available in Contracted Unified English Braille

FREE DOWNLOAD Teaching Guide! (151KB) Download for fun and ingenious ways to use these and other poetry books.

Always empowering, often amusing and sometimes a little bit ridiculous!

Described by an education expert as "nursery rhymes for the 21st century," the poems in these books go far beyond fun. These rhymes have been created for you and your children for two very important reasons, to INSPIRE and to ENTERTAIN. When kids are inspired and entertained, they relate, repeat, and recall, providing a solid foundation for a lifetime of love and respect.

These books are described more as 'survival guides' than just fun kids books - and they have won a few International awards to prove it too.

We intend to help kids master their environment for years to come! The quality, durable, hardcover books in this Scribble & Grin Collection™ can be be handed down for generations.

The rhymes of Scribble & Grin™ are a springboard for emotional expression and dialogue in a variety of situations and they provide the opportunity to tune into the sounds and structure of language.

A healthy mix of inspiration, insight and necessary nonsense, Scribble & Grin™ celebrates diversity and helps children of all ages, cultures, creeds and abilities [see our Hardcover, eBook and Braille versions] grasp the essential ingredients of daily social behaviour, encouraging them to become healthy, heart-centered adults. Humor, sharing, caring, self-expression, self-love and being in charge of your behavior, are all offered with a joyful attitude and many with a big belly laugh for the entire family!

The first thing teachers notice: To provide the most fulfilling experience, every detail of these books have been considered right down to the font, which was chosen to assist children who are learning to write, as each letter appears exactly like those taught to hand-print letters and words.